TRS Racing / Baucco Squad

Past Races

06/02/2017 American Triple-T 7/9 AG, 104/208 OA
06/03/2017 American Triple-T 5/7 AG, 114/205 OA
06/03/2017 American Triple-T 5/7 AG, 90/204 OA
06/04/2017 American Triple-T 5/7 AG, 86/204 OA
06/11/2017 DEER CREEK STATE PARK 3/18 AG, 35/239 OA
06/24/2017 Munroe Falls Tri 3/6 AG, 18/107 OA
07/09/2017 HFP Caesar Creek 4/13 AG, 33/236 OA
07/15/2017 Musselman Sprint 5/14 AG 81/296 OA
07/16/2017 Musselman Triathlon 12/15 AG 158/241 OA
08/05/2017 Buckeye Breakaway N/A
08/20/2017 Vermilion Harbour 5/7 AG, 119/140 OA
09/17/2017 PORTAGE LAKES STATE PARK 3/12 AG, 42/134 OA

TJ Dickey

Strongsville, Ohio

Main FocusTriathlons
BirthdayJuly 01, 1991
Bucket List RaceAlcatraz and Kona

I have been involved in competitive swimming since the age of 8, swimming at Strongsville High where I broke multiple school records and qualified for the state meet. Walked on at the University of Cincinnati, but gave it up because of engineering school. Picked up cycling in 2015 for the MS Ride and afterwards figured I could waddle the running portion of a triathlon. I was hooked and have never enjoyed anything more.

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