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Upcoming Races

09/24/2017 Bronx 10 Mile

Past Races

06/12/2016 Seaside Sprint Triathlon 104/174 OA 3/4 AG
08/07/2016 Rev3 Pocono Mountains 249/286 OA 4/6 Clydes
09/25/2016 Westchester Triathlon 632/864 OA 24/35 AG
07/16/2017 NYC Triathlon 1812/3132 OA 258/336 AG
09/17/2017 TOUGHMAN - NY 100th OA 15th AG

Lew Garcia

New York, New York

BirthdayAugust 31, 1983
Bucket List RaceEscape From Alcatraz
Post-Race DrinkBeer

Back of the pack racer who could lose a few pounds but can't give up burritos, pizza, and beer. Consummate fat dude.

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