TRS Racing / Baucco Squad

Past Races

12/17/2016 WOW 5km 2nd
01/15/2017 Two Bays 28k 123rd
02/25/2017 Rollercoaster Run 43k 7th
03/04/2017 Baw Baw 44k 2nd
03/12/2017 Bendigo Long Course 2nd
04/09/2017 Challenge Melbourne 16th
05/05/2017 Epic 5
05/06/2017 Epic 5
05/07/2017 Epic 5
05/08/2017 Epic 5
05/09/2017 Epic 5

Melissa Urie

Braybrook, Australia |

BirthdayMarch 04, 1984
Bucket List RaceEpic 5
Post-Race DrinkVodka and lemonade

Live in Australia, best place in the world.
Ultra distance triathlete, longer is better. If you can't go fast, go long.
Interviewed for TRS Website for Ultraman Australia this year and hoping to get back on the website when I do Epic 5 (x5 ironmans in 5 days on 5 islands of Hawaii) in May 2017.

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