TRS Racing / Baucco Squad

Past Races

03/15/2014 St. Malachi Run 38:16
04/26/2014 OU Athletes in Action 7th Overall, 3rd in Age Group - 1:21:47
05/18/2014 Cleveland Marathon 10K DNS
06/01/2014 Escape from Alcatraz 2:55:31 48/235 AG, 328/1585 OA
06/13/2014 RAGNAR Trail Appalachians
07/27/2014 Challenge New Albany 2:27:37 4th AG / 23rd OA
10/25/2014 Beach2Battleship 4:48:00 8th AG/ 46th OA
02/14/2015 Chili Bowl Classic DNS
02/21/2015 Snoball Run DNS
03/14/2015 St. Malachi Run DNS
04/12/2015 Towpath Half Marathon 35:14 - 3rd AG
04/25/2015 Hermes 10 Miler DNS
05/09/2015 Muncie May Triathlon 1:09:38 - 2nd AG, 12th OA
05/23/2015 Clays Park Multisport Kickoff DNS
06/07/2015 Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon 6:06:10 - 30/32 AG
06/21/2015 Maumee Bay 2:33:21.5 -- 6th AG, 34th OA
07/26/2015 Cleveland Triathlon 2:35:44 - 3rd AG, 36th OA
08/08/2015 USAT Age Group National Championships - Olympic 2:26:47 - 117/179 AG, 1049/2611 OA
08/09/2015 USAT Age Group National Championships - Sprint 1:13:52 - 58th/113 AG, 415th/1673 OA
08/16/2015 Linwood Park 2:34:22 - 1st AG, 29 OA
09/12/2015 Challenge Cedar Point --
09/13/2015 Portage Lakes DNS
09/27/2015 Deer Creek Fall Challenge 2:29:41 - 2nd AG, 18 OA
01/16/2016 Garage Sale 21:03, 4th overall
03/12/2016 St. Malachi Run 34:35 -- 14/159 AG
04/23/2016 OU Athletes in Action 1:20:48 -- 10th OA, 2nd AG
06/05/2016 Deer Creek DNF
06/26/2016 Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake 5:16:53 AG: 22 OA: 160
07/09/2016 Ironman 70.3 Muncie 5:10:16 AG: 30 OA: 260
07/24/2016 Great Buckeye Challenge - Half 4:40:19 AG: 3rd OA: 37
08/21/2016 IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio 5:25:08
08/27/2016 Moebius Green Monster Trail 50k 6:52:54
09/17/2016 Savageman 30.0 11/25 AG
09/17/2016 Savageman 20.0 11/24 AG
09/18/2016 Savageman 70.0 16/36 AG
03/19/2017 Great Clermont Triathlon 4th AG, 28th OA
04/22/2017 OU Race for a Reason 2nd AG, 7th OA
05/13/2017 Muncie May Sprint 2nd AG, 9th OA
05/21/2017 Cleveland Marathon 2:12:56
08/20/2017 Vermilion Harbour 3rd AG / 24 OA

Christopher Gregg

Cleveland, Ohio |

Main FocusTriathlon
BirthdayApril 25, 1971
Bucket List RaceIsklar Norseman Extreme, Celtman Extreme, Swissman Extreme, Arch to Arc, Marathon de Sables, R2R2R,
Post-Race Drinkwhatever I can find
Off-Day ActivityUsually some form of home repair project... or cooking. Lots of cooking.
Why AJ Baucco Coaching?Simple: I trust AJ & Ryan implicitly. I've seen how they prepare themselves first hand and I have complete faith that they will apply that same level of attention to detail in guiding me in my own preparations and training.

Working in the computer field for the last 15+ years, I had become sedentary and overweight. I was a pack-a-day smoker and a heavy drinker. In late 2005 I quit smoking, in mid 2006 I quit drinking, and finally, in mid 2010 I decided to work on changing the rest of me and started to get active again. Initially, I focused on running which took me on a weight-loss journey of dropping 60+ pounds in under 7 months. At that time, I chose to get into weight lifting where I once again transformed myself, putting on more than 30 pounds of lean mass in just over 6 months. Having reached that goal and now in search of a new goal, in early 2012 I decided that I wanted to try a triathlon.

In my first season as a triathlete, I completed two Sprints and one Olympic distance tri before a crash on a training ride ended my season. A couple of surgically repaired bones later, and I was back into the swing of things, this time striking out to train myself for my first Half Iron. 2013 was a big, big year for me. I competed in 2 Sprints, 6 Olympics, 3 half iron, and my first full iron along with a dozen or so road running events ranging from 5 milers to my first standalone marathon. Along the way, I qualified for and competed at USAT Age Group Olympic Distance Nationals and the Hy-Vee 5i50 US Championship. After finishing my 2013 season in late October with my first full IM at Beach2Battleship, I took most of the winter off.

In 2014, starting for the first time under the guidance of Ryan and AJB Coaching, I completed Escape from Alcatraz, and then followed that up by qualifying for the 2015 Age Group Nationals at both Challenge New Albany Olymic and Beach2Battleship Half, where I also set PR's for the Half Iron distance and the Half Marathon (including PR's for the bike & swim segments, as well).

2015 has me looking to get FAST with a season dedicated to all short-course racing. It's going to be hectic, intense, and high-tempo racing, and I'm excited to see what new heights AJB Coaching will take my performances.

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