TRS Racing / Baucco Squad

Upcoming Races

09/24/2017 Deer Creek Fall Challange
10/22/2017 Challenge Aruba

Past Races

06/05/2016 Deer Creek 1st AG; 1st female OA
06/26/2016 Mohican Endurance Festival 1st AG; 1st female OA
09/11/2016 Cedar Point 70.3 3rd AG; 4th female OA
09/25/2016 Deer Creek Fall Challenge 1st AG; 5th female OA
08/20/2017 Vermilion Harbour 1st AG; 4th Female OA

Stephanie Groseclose

Berea, Ohio

Main FocusTriathlon
BirthdayNovember 17, 1987
Bucket List Race?
Post-Race DrinkCoconut Water and Chocolate Milk

I am a soccer junkie at heart, but once I was done playing college soccer, I needed something to keep me in shape. The only thing I knew how to do well was run and lift, so I took to half marathons and strength training. A few summers later, I inherited a road bike (older than me) for cross training. That winter I hurt my ankle playing soccer and decided swimming was a great way to get my workouts in while I was recouping. Somewhere along the way I had the brilliant thought, "You swim, you bike, you run, and you love to race. Why not do a triathlon?" My first race was an indoor tri at CSU, and my first sprint was June 2014. My first oly was 2015. My first half was Rev 3 in September 2016.

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