TRS Racing / Baucco Squad

Upcoming Races

11/04/2017 Ironman Florida

Past Races

01/03/2016 Jax Bank Marathon 3:01:48 4th AG 26th OA
02/14/2016 26.2 with Donna 3:06:44- 11th OA and 1st AG
03/12/2016 Gate River Run 15k 59:06 118th OA 14th AG
06/18/2016 Jax Tri Series #1 2:04 7th OA 2nd AG
07/16/2016 Jax Tri Series #2 2:15 8th OA 2nd AG
08/06/2016 Jax Tri Series #3 2:05 8th OA 3rd AG
09/11/2016 Rev3 Cedar Point - Full Iron Distance 1st OA
11/12/2016 Myakka half marathon 5th OA 3rd AG
12/04/2016 Reindeer run 1st OA
02/11/2017 110 with Donna 2nd
03/11/2017 Gate River Run 116th OA 23rd AG
04/17/2017 Boston Marathon 2066th
06/17/2017 Jax Tri series #1 4th OA 2nd AG
07/15/2017 Jax Tri series #2 6th OA 3rd AG
08/05/2017 Jax Tri series #3 3rd OA 2nd AG

Robert Rankin


Main FocusTriathlon, running
BirthdayNovember 05, 1983
Bucket List RaceKona
Post-Race DrinkBeer (any)
Off-Day ActivitySurfing, golf

Started running about 5 years ago. Tri's a year after that. Never looked back

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