TRS Racing / Baucco Squad

Christopher Miller

Cleveland, Ohio

Main FocusTriathlon
BirthdaySeptember 11, 1984
Bucket List RaceKona (waaayy down the road), IM Boulder, Savageman, IM Coeur d'Alene,
Post-Race DrinkVega Recovery
Off-Day ActivityShopping on the web for triathlon gadgets and gear

Growing up I was more interested in basketball, football, and track. All of which I played at the varsity level in high school. If I ran at all it was 100-200 meters at a time. My idea of swimming was treading water for 10 seconds while trying to splash water in a friends face. I used my rusty chained Kmart mountain bike with no working brakes from ages 13-22. One of my best friends got a job at a bike shop and I started to take an interest in biking recreationally. Mid 20's I developed a rare tumor in my calf and had major surgery to remove it. Much of my rehab involved swimming on my own, not anything structured. Eventually I started biking as a way to get stronger. One year removed from surgery the doctors discovered the tumor once again, same location and growing bigger. Multiple efforts on various medications led to a blood clot in my leg and a full year taking blood thinners. Finally, about 3 years ago I started taking a low-dose chemo pill that has helped the tumor shrink to a manageable size and Ive been stable ever since. In 2014, I participated in my first group workout with the Cleveland Triathlon Club and even though I got a flat tire that day I was not scared and came back for more!! Triathlon also led me to my girlfriend which I am very thankful for! This is my 3rd season racing multi-sport and 2nd season racing triathlon. Going on 6 years with a vegan diet!

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