TRS Racing / Baucco Squad

About Our Teams

Our Collaboration

Two of the world's greatest triathlon teams are joining forces in 2017. Several years ago when TRS Racing and the Baucco Squad started to take form, the triathlon world was dominated by age group teams that cared more about "being sponsored" than having fun. Our teams both set out to change that standard. As 2017 approached, it was apparent that both of our teams were headed in the same direction. So why not create an alliance that is greater than any other alliance in sporting history. Triathlon was started by the same type of athlete that our teams attract. Athletes that care about going hard, but more importantly, having fun. With our teams working together, we will be one of the biggest teams in the sport. Our athletes, which are spread across the entire world, will be training together, racing together, supporting each other, and of course, celebrating after every finish line, the way the triathlon gods intended them to.

TRS Racing

TRS racing is an international age group triathlon team that has sought to change the status quo of triathlon and prove that there is more to this sport than finishing times. Put simply, we like to have a lot of fun. Most of all, we don't follow the cookie cutter methods of other triathlon teams.

Baucco Squad

The Baucco Squad was developed as a way for like-minded athletes to connect and race together around the world. Created by professional triathlete, AJ Baucco, the Baucco Squad is for triathletes of all ability levels. We look for gracious winners (and losers) on the race course, and more importantly, laid back attitudes off the race course.

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